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MirCeramic alias Gabriella Maholányi -

a Hungarian ceramic artist

I was born in Szentendre, I could not imagine life anywhere else. I live in this marvellous little town, which is interwoven with art.
I started learning ceramics in 2002; it's been the source of every day happiness ever since.

We established our studio with László Illés in 2005.
In 2007 we founded the Szentendre Ceramic Association with our ceramic artist friends living in the town. We have had several exhibitions with them.

Clay is the medium through which I can open up and express myself. I keep rephrasing myself with the help of my art. In a way I am born again and again, just like reality is reborn in each second.  Anything can happen the next minute, it is merely our obtuseness that sets limits to what we create, what we unravel from subsistence. I am seeking to overcome this obstacle within myself through the process of creation. Originality is important for me. Producing new pieces is an ongoing process of playing and gaining experience. An image of a form thrills me and I must discover it. In the meantime I gain insight into the inexhaustible store of possibility, which urges me to make more forms. 
The fruit is already embedded in the process of creation, for it's a blessed state, in which the artist - if properly tuned in - can ride the waves of real existence. I think clay is a wonderful material, because a lump - with the contribution of the 4 elements and spirit (earth becomes moldable with the help of water, air helps it dry and fire solidifies it)  can be turned into something that has never existed before. A perfect micro-universe in itself. Touching the clay I feel as if I possessed an ancient knowledge. Something elemental that is a lot bigger than me gets into motion, and is expressed through me.
It makes me happy that my soul vibrations solidified in matter can find their ways into the homes of other people, bringing beauty and joy in their lives.

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